Rati Baijal

β€œCaring, loving, nurturing and trusting are the first few things that come to mind when thinking of MWM. It's an environment that demands and teaches respect for every one and every thing.

Our journey as MWM parents has been no different but we can say without the shadow of a doubt that constant communication, support and understanding from each and every member of the MWM team has been the most comforting part of the journey so far.

Noelle McLaughlin

We have had a fabulous experience with my three children attending Mountain West Montessori. We have seen them grow and learn in infant community, children's house and lower elementary. This school has THE BEST staff. I am so impressed by every one of them. I never feel guilty dropping my children off here, because I know that their guides/teachers do a much better job than I would with them at home.

Montessori philosphy is pretty amazing. This school has a reason behind every little thing they do and why they have it that way. Absolutely everything is on purpose.

Maricarmen Moncrief

Our children's communication skills are amazing and they have always been able to express their wants, needs and feelings in an impressive way. We are greatful for MWM as they truly care for each child! We are not worried about our children's academic education because we know that will be met and surpassed.

Furthermore, and most important to us is that we know our children's character, their values and morals are also part of the curriculum and they are being built to be within our own family standards.

Amelia Contreras

During this time, I have watched my children gain independence, confidence and a better understating of their relationship with the environment and the world around them.

The Guides that my children have had at MWM are simply amazing. Their care, compassion, and knowledge of my children is beyond expectation, and my children are very happy.

Sabiha Khan

The sense of self-sufficiency that the Montessori method aims to foster in children now manifests itself everyday at home, though this too was a process for us as a family. Now that many of the Montessori routines have been established at home, particularly those relating to practical life, we often observe our child wanting to help out with chores or even treat us to a homemade dessert.

Our child also has learned to take charge of her own learning by peppering us with questions, testing out ideas through hands-on play, and now by reading.