The Nido -which means nest- is a space carefully designed for children 6 months - 17 months of age based on the Montessori philosophy and methodology. The Nido is a safe, nurturing environment that resembles a home environment and offers an option for working parents.

Maria Montessori through her observations discovered the power of the Absorbent Mind, a special mental power which at this age is unconscious and allows the child to learn effortlessly from the environment. The baby relates to the environment through the senses. He/she sees, hears, smells, touches, senses and explores his/her surroundings taking from the environment what he/she needs for the process of self-construction.

The Nido responds to the Human Tendencies and Sensitive Periods of the child. In this environment human tendencies such as exploration, orientation, order, communication, and repetition will manifest freely, supporting the optimal development of the child. These tendencies also support the child in his/her adaptation to the environment.
The Montessori philosophy also observes the Sensitive Periods which are special periods of time when the child is interested in a special aspect of learning almost to the exclusion of all others. The activities, the materials, and the space are planned to satisfy these special windows of opportunity. In the Nido, we can observe the sensitive periods of movement, language, order, and sensorial exploration.

Sensorial Exploration